KeolisAmey Metrolink Fare Evasion Plan

Internal business plan

KeolisAmey Metrolink (KAM) operates Greater Manchester’s light rail network. We’re proud to design and produce their business plan and a range of other marketing and communications materials.

When KAM asked us to come up with a highly visual style for their new fare evasion strategy, we developed this bright, fresh creative using colourful infographics and big bold stop pages to keep the reader engaged.

“Our fare evasion strategy was a programme of work to professionalise our approach to this important area of our business. The team at DADM didn’t just make it look good, they truly translated the brief into a product that captured that professionalism and, in turn, has helped us make sure that the key people needed to help deliver the strategy are behind it and understand it.”

Bridget Aherne,
Head of Communications
KeolisAmey Metrolink (KAM)

KeolisAmey Metrolink Fare Evasion Plan - Direct Approach 2018