We’re a friendly, hardworking team of designers and account managers offering the personal service and commitment you expect from a smaller agency alongside big innovative ideas you expect from an agency way beyond our size.

Building client partnerships is key to how we work. We take time to get to know you and your business, to really get to grips with your brand and design guidelines. You can rely on us as you would an in-house design team, but you only pay for us when you need us.

We can help with all types of projects, from a business card to complex infographics, a new website or even a full rebrand. The time we invest in learning your brand makes it easy for us to develop a consistent style and apply it across everything we do. We are all passionate about delivering a great job and you can trust us to keep your project on track – in over 25 years we are proud to say we have never missed a deadline (and some of them have been tight!)

As well as our local clients whom we cherish, we also have a number of London-based clients. They tell us the service we provide is as good as agencies on their doorstep, but we deliver greater value.

Get in touch soon to see what we can do for you.

  • Sheryl Pointer

    Sheryl Pointer
    Account Director
  • Jane Rose

    Jane Rose
    Account Director
  • Amy Glasper

    Amy Glasper
    Creative Director
  • Meryl Vincent

    Meryl Vincent
    Senior Key Account Manager
  • Emma McLean

    Emma started off with dreams of becoming a graphic designer and after 10 years of doing the job she decided that she preferred to be on the other side of the screen.   Now an Account Manager, Emma knows her stuff when it comes to design, and this combined with her eagle eye and excellent […]
    Emma McLean
    Account Manager
  • Lucy Oliver

    Lucy Oliver
    Senior Designer
  • Aron Mitchell

    Aron brings the testosterone to the office as our only resident male. He started off with a dream to work in IT but fortunately for us, a taster module in Graphic Design sparked a passion inside of him and he went on to complete a full Media & Graphic Design course.   Aron is always […]
    Aron Mitchell
    Freelance Designer
  • Vicky Fleming

    Vicky has been a regular smiling face in the office for 5 years now and she brings with her significant experience in graphic design, web design and variable data software. Little did her past employer in construction know that by offering a 1 day Quark Express course, a fire would be lit in Vicky that […]
    Vicky Fleming
    Freelance Designer
  • Castenzio Cusumano

    Caz works with us as resident photographer, web designer, graphic designer… Basically he’s one of those people that can pretty much do anything and do it well. He gets much of his inspiration from the book ‘A Smile in the Mind’ – It focuses on witty thinking in graphic design and making designs clever and […]
    Castenzio Cusumano
    Freelance Designer
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